Biology Links

The Body Visible -

This Visible Human Project of the National Library of Medicine provides
several tomical data sets including the cryosection images of male and
female human cadavers at 1mm resolution.

Academy Reports -

This is a U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) site that lists books
and reports on a wide range of topics from agriculture to urban

Seeing is Believing -

Al Seckel and Christof Koch, computational neuroscientists at California
Institute of Technology have created an extensive collection of illusions,
puzzles and artworks to illustrate how the eye can be tricked.

The Tree of Life -

This is a project designed to contain information about the phylogenetic
relationships and characteristics of organisms and serves as a
phylogenetic navigator.

Tide Predictor -

This site is for predicting the tide levels.

Science Magazine -

A global, weekly publication of research in the sciences provided by the
American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County -

An online site to access information about the museum, links to other
museums and special events occurring at the museum.

Population Ecology -

This site at Virginia Polytechnic Institute offers paths to computational
models, journals, and online research papers in population ecology.
Access to large data sets useful in ecological modeling are also useful.

Nature -

An international weekly journal of science covering all fields of research
from cell biology to quantum mechanics.

Scientific American -

A monthly publication of new developments and technologies in the
sciences and review articles of current issues in the sciences.

Natural History Museums around the World -

This site contains information about the Natural History Museums at the
various locations around the world.

The Chemistry Webbook -

This site has thermodynamic data for more than 5,000 chemical
compounds and ion energetics data for more than 10,000 chemical
compounds prepared by the National Institutes of Sciences Standards
and Technology.

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools -

An extensive list of sources including molecular biology search and analysis tools, bibliographic and text searches, guides and tutorials, journals and other biological resources.

WWW Virtual Library: Biosciences -

Comprehensive list of biology resources arranged by specific subject area. e.g., biochemistry, ecology, immunology, plant biology, etc.

CSU Bioweb -

Extensive, annotated list of resources, arranged by specific field.

The Smithsonian Natural History Web -

Provides information about research programs at the National Museum
of Natural History and links to data and graphics files from the
Smithsonian’s specimen collections.

University of California Paleontology Museum-

Includes outstanding guides to the museum’s collections and offers an extensive set of links to other specimen collections.

Plants National Database -

National Plant Data Center of the U.S. Department of Agriculture database of plant common and scientific names, economic importance, growth habits, links to a distribution map, and references to the literature.

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