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Oceanography Department

Why Study Oceanography?

Oceans and the Water Planet Oceanography Department Logo

  • Introduction and Origins
  • Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics
  • Continental Margins and ocean Basins
  • Sediments

Oceans Modulate the Climate

  • Chemsitry of the Seawater
  • Ocean Physics
  • Atmospheric Circulation and Weather
  • Ocean Circulation

Waves govern the Coastal Processes

  • Wave Dynamics and Wind Waves
  • Tides and Tsumanis
  • Coasts

Life Began in the Oceans

  • Life in the Oceans
  • The Primary Producers
  • Marine Invertebrates
  • Marine Communities

Marine Environment and Resources

  • Poles and Tropics
  • Food, Mineral and Energy Resources
  • Environmental Concerns