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Student Services Division Members

Troy Davis, Division Chair

Academic Counseling

Aque, Jonn                 (Athletic Counselor)

Azizian, Edith

Azolyan, Mariam
Cortes, Richard            (Articulation Officer)

Davis, Teresa              (SSSP & Student Equity Coordinator) 

Davis, Troy                 (Division Chair)

Djambazian, Patricia     (Nursing)

Dulay, Breanna
Gabrielian, Lorig

Garibyan, Nare      

Ghazarian, Sarkis

Ghodousi, Nahal

Leong-Brattain, Denise

Medina, Nancy

Mercer, Molly                (Athletic Counselor)

Morris, Jolie                  (Veterans)

Najera, Mirna                (Career Technical Education Pathway Specialist)

Noori, Paris 

Olivares, Anna Liza

Tufenkjian, Tanya

Admission & Records
Roxanne Dominguez    (& Veterans)


Collins, Elodia

Mansour, Margaret 

Taghdis, Mohammad

Career Center & Adult Re- Entry Services

Cuevas, Martha

Leong-Brattain, Denise

Medina, Nancy

Mercer, Molly


Barrett, Mary Elizabeth

Camp, K.C

Hoehn, Susan 

Holm, Jesse

Matsumoto, Laura

Oppenberg, Ellen

Parks, Lee 

Rhaney, Valerie

Ziegler, Tracey

Aghekian, Rosette

Ataian, Shakeh

Boduryan, Anahit

Castel De Oro, James

Der Hovanessian, Polet 

Keshishian, Osheen 

Perkins, Gregory 

Rafii, Roxanne

Health Center

Orpelli, Crescent

International Students Office

Bouyadjian, Nairy 

Shim, Irene

Ribeiro, Mariah

Stach, Murray

Student Equity

Cuevas, Martha 

Galvez, David

Gutierrez, Cristina

Yernazian-Banaag, Carolina

Transfer Center
Azolyan, Mariam

Ghodousi, Nahal

Meza, Kevin      (Transfer Center Coordinator)

Note: Some counselor advise in more than one area