Online Distance Education Classes

What is Distance Education (DE) at GCC?

Distance Education (DE) means ONLINE EDUCATION.  Distance Education (DE) at Glendale Community College offers online courses equivalent to a classroom-based course. Courses are taught by the same qualified instructors and follow the same curriculum and standards as the classroom-based course.  Distance Education courses provide flexibility in scheduling and are especially helpful to self-directed learners. It is recommended that students be comfortable with computers, particularly the internet, before taking an online or hybrid course.


Attention all students! Read GCC's new distance education procedures under Student Center.


Glendale Community College offers online classes in three formats:

  • Online classes in which students complete their coursework via the internet (though some online classes require that students travel to campus for a class orientation and/or exams).
  • Hybrid classes in which some class hours each week are completed by students via the internet while others take place in a classroom setting.
  • Web-enhanced classes are traditional courses but use of internet to enhance communication, out-of-class assignments, and learning resources.

Helpful Info: How to search for online and hybrid classes (pdf)

What technology is used at GCC? 

GCCs Distance Education uses Moodle as a Learning Management System (LMS).  Moodle and other technologies are used in learning exercises every week to ensure effective and regular authentic contact between instructor and student.


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