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Instructors please note: If you have used Turnitin within Moodle in the past, this option will no longer be available as a plugin in Moodle.

Section A: If you have NEVER created a turnitin.com account separate from Moodle, here is what you need to do:

1. Please go to Private Internal Links through our GCC Faculty Link

2. Scroll down until you reach INSTRUCTIONAL RESOURCES

3. Click on Turnitin Account Information. You will need the GCC Account ID and the Join Password for step 4.

4. Visit turnitin.com and click on Create An Account as an instructor by entering the Account ID and the Join Password

5. Follow the instructions in Turnitin.com


Section B: To create a class in turnitin.com, here is what you need to do....

1. Once you are in turnitin.com, click on ADD CLASS. Its the green icon with the words ADD CLASS on it

2. Type in your class name (It is recommended to include the term and year of the class)

3. Type in a simple Class Enrollment Password. This is a one time password students will need to enroll in the class via turnitin. Keep it simple.

4. A Class ID and Password window will pop up. You will need to provide the Class ID and Password to your students. It is recommended to provide it in your class syllabus.


Section C: Your students will have to visit the Turnitin website separate from Moodle to submit their work. Most students already have an account. All they would need from you is the Class ID and the Enrollment Password.

 If students do not have an account, they have to create one as a student via turnitin.com. Make sure to provide them the Class ID and the Enrollment Password. When it is time for them to submit their work, they will need to visit turnitin.com to submit their work.