The Generic Nursing Program and Career Ladder (LVN-RN) Program are dependent on state funding and there is no guarantee of the number of spaces.

At this time, there is no funding for the Career Ladder (LVN-RN) Program, Transfer Student Program, or Foreign Nurse Graduate Program for Winter/Spring 2015. Please check back in future semesters.

The Generic Nursing Program is only available to those who have never been enrolled in a Nursing Program. Licensed LVNs and transfer students cannot apply for the Generic Nursing Program. 

Course Sequence by Semester
The following sequence of courses represents the program of the nursing student who is already licensed as a Vocational Nurse in California. It is a two semester sequence, which, when combined with the required general education courses, leads to an associate degree. Applicants without current VN licensure who are interested in becoming a Registered Nurse, should refer to the course sequence description for the Generic Nursing Program.

Students are admitted to the standard schedule every semester, depending on the availability of seats. This schedule offers classes and clinical experiences primarily during the daytime and week days. However, because of classroom availability and clinical space issues, late afternoon, evening, and weekend experiences are included at times during the sequence of classes and students must be able to accommodate these times. 

Weekend/evening schedules are also available (along with the standard schedule) for students who begin their studies in the winter/spring of each year.  This option begins classroom hours at 4:00 or 4:30 and may begin clinical rotations as early as 3:00 p.m. for weekday hospital hours. This option requires three semester to complete.  If this option is chosen NS 213 would be taken in the Spring and NS 222 in the Fall. The winter intersession and third semester would remain unchanged.

The structure of some courses varies in length. For a more complete description of course scheduling, please click on "Course Descriptions" at the bottom of this page. This listing describes all RN courses, including the following courses required for the Career Ladder student.


Course Title
Bio 121 Intro to Physiology  4.0
Bio 112      Microbiology  5.0

Winter Intersession or Summer Session:

Course Title
NS 217 Bridge to RN Practice  1.0
NS 218  Pharmacology Review/Update   1.5

First CL Semester:

Course Title
NS 203** Nursing Seminar III 1.5
NS 213 Medical-Surgical Nursing III 4.5
NS 222 Psychiatric Nursing 3.5

Winter Intersession or Summer Session:

Course Title
NS 216 Clinical Experience


Second CL Semester:

Course Title
NS 204** Nursing Seminar IV 1.0
NS 214 Medical-Surgical Nursing IV 6.0
NS 215 Nursing Practice in Contemporary Settings 2.5

** Nursing Care Seminars are not required. However, these classes are very highly recommended since they enrich the content of that semester. The units and hours are not calculated into the semester totals of their optional status.
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