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Glendale College has counseling services to help students have a successful college experience. One important aspect of having students receive the best possible advice concerning educational and career goals involves working with counseling services. Our counselors assist students in dealing with most problems and concerns that may interfere with their success.

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Counselors can help students

  • Explore career, educational, and personal goals.
  • Plan a program of studies to meet the educational requirements of your goal.
  • Develop a Student Educational Plan (S.E.P.). One of the most important counseling services offered to students is the development of an S.E.P. The S.E.P. is a road map of courses which students need to take to reach their educational goals. It is important for students to develop their educational plans with their counselor during their first year of college or shortly after completing a total of 15 units.
  • Choose courses appropriate to your goal.
  • Select services needed to help you while you are enrolled at the college.
  • Select one of the many Student Development courses offered by the counselors:
  • Choose the most appropriate university to transfer to and plan your courses for transfer.

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