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Career Counselors may suggest resources, references, computerized as well as written career assessment surveys focusing on one's interests, personal preferences, skills and talents.
These career assessment instruments provide the counselor with scientific research information that compares an individual student with people who are happy and successful in the workplace.


For nearly 80 years, the Strong Interest Inventory® assessment has helped organizations attract and retain the brightest talent and has guided thousands of individuals in their search for a rich and fulfilling life of work and leisure. The most respected and widely used career planning instrument in the world, the newly revised Strong is more powerful than ever, with major updates and new content that reflect the way we work and learn today:

  • New focus on business and technology careers and the key skills required to work successfully in teams.
  • New, more precise 5-point answer format to help your clients pinpoint the most satisfying career, educational and leisure choices.
  • New Basic Interest scales - the most extensive revision since their creation in 1968 - including the fast-growing fields of computer hardware and electronics, marketing and advertising, finance and investing.
  • New and revised Occupational Scales, including Computer & IS Manager, Network Administrator, Financial Manager, and ESL Instructor.

The Strong Interest Inventory® assessment instrument reflects today's pattern of constant change in the world of work. It provides a solid, dependable guide for career change and development.
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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument is the most widely used personality inventory in history. Last year alone, two million people gained valuable insight about themselves and the people they interact with daily by taking the MBTI® instrument.
The MBTI® inventory helps you improve work and personal relationships, increase productivity, and identify your leadership and interpersonal communication preferences:


The various combinations of these preferences result in 16 personality types.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and MBTI are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.


The MMF is an assessment survey that ties college planning with career planning. This program assess aptitudes and interests and helps the student to learn about jobs in each college major and it's projected growth.
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CISS® (Campbell™ INTEREST and SKILL Survey)

The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS) from NCS, measures self-reported vocational interests and skills. Similar to traditional interest inventories, the CISS interest scales reflect an individual's attraction for specific occupational areas. The items reflect a respect for individuals of different gender, race, religion, and national origin.
"Campbell" is a trademark and "CISS" is a registered trademark of David Campbell, PhD.

EUREKA Self Exploration

MicroSkills IV®
MicroSkills enables you to view yourself from a transferable skills or talent perspective. Everyone has some natural abilities. So, even if you have never held a job, or gone to college, you have skills that are used on a day to day basis. MicroSkills will assist you in discovering what those skills are and how they can be used in the world or work.

(Available in English and Spanish)
This interactive self-assessment questionnaire is designed to help students or clients take a closer look at themselves and the world of work. The questions are organized into the following categories: Temperaments; Aptitudes; Data Skills; People Skills; Things Skills; Environmental Requirements; Educational Requirements; and Entry-level Wages. Occ-U-Sort offers the user a graphic depiction of the impact their decisions have upon their occupational options. It is very simple and easy to use, yet effective!
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A few things to remember:

  • Surveys and inventories are NOT tests.
  • A follow-up appointment will be made with the student to interpret and talk about the results of their surveys with a counselor.
  • Counselors and staff will guide the student in gathering specific information about their high interest areas.
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