The Glendale Community College Scholars Program has been created to serve the needs of academically accomplished students, offering them opportunities for more intensive study. The Scholars Program is based on a six-course core curriculum that participants take together. The curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and in-depth analysis of issues. Students who successfully complete the Scholars Program gain priority admission to the UCLA College of Letters and Science, USC, Occidental College, UC Irvine, Pomona College, UC Santa Cruz and San Diego State University. In addition, campuses nationwide recognize GCC’s Scholars Program as a competitive edge on your transfer application.

Academic advancement and transfer assistance are but a few of the many advantages of being a scholar. Participants additionally develop bonds with fellow students, a strong sense of community awareness, and are eligible to receive monetary scholarships awarded by the program and the HTCC. Scholars students receive priority registration and honors classes are limited to 25 students.

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Last updated: 9/10/2013 11:27:26 AM