The John A. Davitt Award for Outstanding Service was established to recognize a classified and management/confidential employee for their exceptional contributions to Glendale Community College.

John A. Davitt Award for Outstanding Service
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2014 Olga Tovar
Nelson Oliveira
2013 Ethel Consignado Gary Montecuollo
2012 Saodat Aziskhanova
Aida Avanousian
2011 Henan Joof Cathy Durham
2010 Hasmik Ghanbary Andy Stires
2009 Hoover Zariani Nidal Kobaissi
2008 Susan Cisco Lew Lewis
2007 Eugenia Hurtado Susan Courtey
2006 Alen Andriassian Mary Stone
2005 Stevie Goffredo Sally Holmes
2004 Barbara Keegan Ed Karpp
2003 Barbara Artukovich Guido Girardi
2002 Karen Wharton


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