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AFSHAR, MARCUSPhysicsCS 2643941 Email
ALLAHVERDI, MELINA Physical Science DivisionCS 1845268 Email
BYRD, LARRYChemistryAS 2135389 Email
CHAMRAS, SEVADA All Division Chairs, Physical Science Division, ChemistryCS 1855630 Email
EDGAR, DANChemistryCS 2655388 Email
EQUILS, DOUGLASAstronomy, Physical Science Division   Email
FALKOWSKI, BARBARA Physical Science Division, Astronomy, PhysicsCR 1473132 Email
FRISBEE, ROBERTChemistry   Email
GELLERT, ROBERTChemistryCS 1815745 Email
GERZ, JOHN Physical Science Division, PhysicsCR 149 (inside of CR 147)5354 Email
GHAZARIAN, VAHANChemistry   Email
GLUKHOVSKY, PAVELChemistry   Email
GUGLIELMINO, RICHARD Physical Science Division, PhysicsCS 1855359 Email
HARVEY, SARAChemistry   Email
JABALAMELI, ALIChemistrySB 2415385 Email
JOBE, CORINNA Physical Science Division, Astronomy   Email
KAUTIANINEN, TIMChemistry   Email
KO, HYUNChemistry   Email
KRESTOW, JENNIFER Physical Science Division, Astronomy, PlanetariumCS 2625356 Email
LECUYER, JEANPhysics, Science CenterCS 179 5358 Email
LELAND, JOHN Physical Science Division, Geology, OceanographyCS 2635794 Email
LEVINE, DEBORAH Physical Science Division, Astronomy   Email
LIN, JERRY Chemistry   Email
MILWARD, NIKIChemistry   Email
NOWINSKI, STUARTChemistrySG 2315648 Email
OGANESYAN, ASMIKChemistryAS 2075348 Email
PERRY, TIFFANYChemistry   Email
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