UC Riverside

Are you a Business Administration Major?Transferring to UC Riverside?

Take these core business transfer courses:

  • Accounting 101
  • Accounting 102 
  • BusAD 101
  • CSIS 101
  • Econ 101
  • Econ 102 
  • Math 136 
  • Math 107 (Math 23 at UCR)
  • Math 23 has a pre-calculus prerequisite. Community college linear algebra courses may be articulated to Math 23, but often have higher level prerequisites, such as 2nd semester calculus. Students who are not prepared for Math 107 may wish to wait and take Math 23 at UCR.

Make an appointment with your counselor:

  • Determine that you are on track to transfer or to receive your A.A. or A.S. degree
  • Establish your options among approximately 60 units of General Ed. courses needed
  • Obtain help in completing applications on time
  • Learn what financial aid is available

Visit these helpful websites:

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