All members voting or non-voting:

  1. Familiarize themselves with the mission of the committee as indicated on the Blue List and GCC's mission statement. 
  2. Regularly attend and recruit proxies in the event of absence. 
  3. In the event of a disagreement about governance procedures, consult the Governance Document or contact the Governance Review Committee. 
  4. When first participating on governance committees, attend the annual Fall governance workshop
  5. Know who appointed them.
  6. Consult with their appointing agency (Guild, Senate, and CSEA executives, ASGCC cabinet, Administration) for general guidance and for specific concerns about policy proposals.


  1. Verify that membership matches the Blue List and (in the case of the 4 standing committees) the Governance Document
  2. Verify the committee has a quorum (majority of the voting members as indicated on Blue List) before action is taken; discussion may take place in the absence of a quorum but no actions or motions can be taken without a quorum 
  3. Verify that only voting members vote – “Resource” members do not have a vote 
  4. Forward agenda to the committee four working days before the meeting; include student government by emailing and and also by placing a hard copy in the ASGCC mailbox. 
  5. Forward a “Motions Report” along with appropriate minutes to the Governance office. A schedule for reporting motions and minutes is forwarded to chairs and secretaries each month.
  6. Follow up on actions and decisions taken at the meeting.


  1. Members of governance committees are appointed for a term of up to 4-years by one of the following constituencies:
    • the Academic Senate
    • the Administration (both for administration and other classified seats)
    • the Guild
    • “Joint Faculty” are appointed jointly by the Guild and the Academic Senate executives.
    • The CSEA appointments are 2-year terms.
    • The ASGCC appointments change each semester dependent upon student’s schedules.
  2. "Resource" members do not have terms.

Resource members:

Persons may be appointed to committees and sub-committees by the various constituencies or by the committee to serve as resources of information; however a resource member will not have voting rights. A resource can be any person a committee feels has expertise to offer with respect to the committee’s business (Administrative Regulation 2511, Governance Document).


 The Governance webpage provides other documents for reference: 




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