Campuswide Computer Coordinating Committee Bluelist
1998 - 2003 EMP & IT Plan
2003 - 2009 Master Plan
2007 – 2012 Technology Master Plan
Computer Cascade Policy (See Appendix C of Technology Plan)
IT Standards and Purchasing Guidelines
IT Support in Academic Computer Labs (see section with same title in 2007-2012 Technology Master Plan)
ITS Organizational Chart
 IT Disaster Recovery Plan
Network Diagram
Listing of Multimedia Classrooms
Academic Technology Office Organizational Chart
Link to Blackboard/WebCT web site
Link to GCC iTunes U Site
2006 – 2008 Faculty & Staff Development Plan
Link to @ONE Project Web site
Link to Peoplesoft Project Web site
Technology Mediated Instruction Committee Blue list
 Technology Mediated Services Committee Blue list
Total Cost of Ownership Survey by CCC Technology Center
Strategic Master Plan 2008 – 2014
 IT Budget Augmentation Requests for Fiscal Year 2009 – 2010
ITS Program Review 2009
IT Survey for Faculty and Staff (Remove)
IT Survey for Students (Remove)
Glendale College Planning 2001 Internal Assessment
1998 IT Plan Implementation Grid (See Appendix A of 2007-2012 Technology Master Plan)
Campus Views 2007
Campus Views 2008
2007 Technology Plan Implementation Grid (See Appendix B of 2007-2012 Technology Master Plan)
Link to Program Review Website
Level 3 Classroom Upgrades using Basic Skills Funds (Fall 2007)
Link to Green List
Distance Education Enrollment Report
2009 Faculty/Staff Technology Survey Results
2009 Student Technology Survey Results
External Auditor's Report for Year Ending 6.30.2008
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