Career Summary

Graphic designers create artwork for advertisements using graphic design skills and techniques. They typically work in the creative departments of advertising agencies, publishing companies, or other media outlets as a part of a team responsible for the conception, presentation, and production of the finished product. The main job function of the graphic designer is to provide visual designs that will support the concept of the art director and accommodate the wishes of the client. In the modern workplace, most graphic designers use sophisticated software to create their art designs, displays, and illustrations. As a result, companies are looking for a combination of innate talent and expert computer skills in latest graphic design software when screening job applicants. While the majority of advertising agencies hire freelance artists, large agencies often have illustrators on staff for the convenience of rush presentations. Competition for both salaried jobs and freelance work is vigorous, but employment is expected to grow at an average rate through the year 2022.

Program Description

The Graphic Design certificate curriculum combines fundamental fine arts courses with those of a technical nature to provide a comprehensive course study in visual communication. The program is intended to prepare students to convey ideas and information using any visual medium. Program participants learn that by creating effective visual communication they make information accessible and comprehensible and give visual order, identification, and meaning to the many ideas existing within society. The coursework focuses on graphic design skills and is intended to introduce students to paste-up and layout methods and currently available desktop publishing technology. Completion of the GCC Graphic Design program may facilitate the student’s entry into the profession in a variety of areas: salaried artist for an agency, printing house or design studio artist, part-time or hourly artist for firms specializing in graphic art areas, or free-lance artist.

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should consult with an academic and/or transfer counselor to discuss transfer requirements.

Key Skills and Characteristics

  • Knowledge of the theory and techniques necessary in designing and creating visual arts.
  • Capacity to think visually in three-dimensions.
  • Evidence of special talent and skills required to express an idea and to create a particular visual affect.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Willingness to accommodate clients' needs.
  • Team spirit.

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