Present: Mark Maier, Roger Bowerman, Dora Krannig, John Rome, Nancy Getty, Allyn Glanzer, Tina Andersen-Wahlberg, Michael Ritterbrown, Stacy Jazan, Charlotte Schulten, Maria Kretzmann, Rosemarie Shamieh, Jayne Campbell, Alice Mecom


  1. Discussion of other colleges statewide who have progressed towards a "culture of inquiry" with integrated, institutional assessments
  2. Discussion of challenges at GCC and SLOAC implementation
  3. The committee decided to take action in two ways:
      • Alice Mecom will create a grid that will list all projects on campus that relate to improving student learning so that we can get a sense of what the "silos" are doing and if any trends emerge that will allow us to make a statement about student needs and faculty/staff efforts across disciplines. Mark Maier suggested looking at the accreditation self-study to get this started.

      • Committee members agreed to look at the website where the Research and Planning Group and the State Academic Senate will post links to the presentations from the Strengthening Student Success conference. Each member will find a model of a SLOAC best practice and bring it back to the committee at the next meeting. We will choose a model that GCC should strive for and institutionalize, and then seek the administrative support that is needed to carry it out.*

  4. Themes that we touched on:
      • Shift the campus from the SLO perspective and focus them on the "assessment" perspective

      • Recognize that assessments are not part of "SLOs", but instead part of any project or function that exists to improve student learning

      • Change the function of the SLO committee from an informational format to a working group of people who wish to unify the campus in an institutional effort to promote and assess student learning.

* has not yet been updated with the presentations from the conference. Please work off of this list that I have drafted below:

Barstow Community College - Bob Pacheco

  1. Sophisticated assessment reporting, assessment "quality control"
  2. Math Assessments

Chaffey College - Keith Wertz (sabbatical), Tom Vitzelio, Giovanni Sosa

  1. Sophisticated assessment reporting, assessment "quality control"
  2. Administrative SLOs
  3. Student Success Centers and Faculty Success Center
  4. Program SLOs

College of the Canyons

  1. Institute for Teaching and Learning for adjuncts

Consumnes River College - Marybeth Buechner

  1. Staff Development in SLOACs

Kapi'olani Community College - Louise Pagotto, Kristine Korey-Smith

  1. Assessment as a transparent documented process that supports a culture of inquiry and a more effective institution

LA Valley College - Rebecca Stein

  1. Professional flex days used for SLOACs
  2. SLOs and communicating with division chairs
  3. Developing an assessment statement for the college (philosophy, roles, responsibilities)

Mt. San Antonio College

  1. Institutional researchers and their involvement with SLOAC implementation

Pasadena City College - Lynn Wright, Brock Klein

  1. Silos --> One community
  2. Visioning, Logic Modeling, Cross-disciplinary activities
  3. Teaching and Learning Center

San Diego Mesa College - Joe Safdie, Tracey Walker, Chris Sullivan

  1. Assessing Creative Thinking - using rubrics to assess abstract learning 

Santa Monica College - Lesley Kawaguchi

  1. C & I and its role with SLOACs, integration of SLOACs into planning
  2. Using a core competency theme each year; this year the theme is Water, and this competency is the focus campus-wide
  3. SMC will not allow a division to hire full-time instructors if the division is not doing SLOACs
  4. Uses a rubric for evaluating outcomes that come forward from divisions/services. The committee responds with feedback and suggestions. It is a quality control step that we don't implement at GCC.

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