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Course Paper: VSL Research


Psychology is the scientific study of human behavior and mental process. The theories and axioms that you learn in this class as well as other psychology courses (i.e. PSY 101) rest on methodology that strives to be unbiased, systematic, and reliable. As an emerging scholar in the discipline, you must understand how these three characteristics are incorporated into psychology’s application.

Assignment: Analyze an article from the PsychArticles Database (accessed via EBSCO Host at our library). Your submitted work MUST include:

1) a complete copy of the article selected

2) a summary of why the research was conducted, as well as the ways it is connected to your VSL service

a) this is essentially a short review (2-3 paragraphs) of the “Introduction” AND

b) a brief overview of your VSL experience (2-3 paragraphs)

3) a review of the article’s:

a) hypothesis

b) sample (size and demographics)

c) findings

4) a complete citation of the journal article in APA format

a) include the following:

-author(s) or editor(s)

-year of publication

-title of article

-title of book or journal

-volume, number, and page number

5) assuming that your selection is “peer-reviewed”, describe who reviewed the article.

6) a synthesis of the article and your experience at the VSL site

a) how does the article relate to your site and the clients it serves?

b) what more can science do in this area?

Your assignment should be written in a way that integrates your own views with the findings of scientific research. Outline format is acceptable for item #3 only. Items #2, #5, and #6 MUST be written using complete sentences and paragraphs. You should use your own words to summarize what was discovered in the study that you select.

Do not plagiarize.

When I grade, I will ask myself the following questions:

· Did you briefly summarize your VSL experience so that it is the main idea of your paper?

· Did you include all of the information required in item #2?

· Were your selections appropriate for your topic?

· Did you demonstrate an understanding of the article in your discussion of their findings?

· How well do your thoughts fit together?

· Did you properly cite the resources that you used?

Your paper should be no less than one page in length, using ONE-inch margins and a standard (12 point) font. A well-written review should be approximately 1 1/2 pages long. It should be typed, double-spaced, and free of grammatical and/or spellings errors.

It is due on: _______________________.

Please remember to talk with me if you have difficulty writing or are unsure of what I expect you to accomplish with this assignment.
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