SLO Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2009
LB 210, 12 pm – 1 pm

Present: Tina Andersen-Wahlberg, Allyn Glanzer, Stacy Jazan, Chris Juzwiak, Dora Krannig, Kathy McNeese, Alice Mecom (Chair), Lynn Mizuno, Marianne Nikodem, John Rome, Charlotte Schulten, Rosemarie Shamieh

  1. The committee adopted the updated mission:
    • To encourage and support faculty-generated student learning research for the purposes of improved communication between faculty/staff and administrators/trustees who make institutional planning and budgeting decisions.
    • To identify assessment practices on campus and encourage collaboration amongst faculty and staff in effort to institutionalize best practices that impact our body of students
    • To identify a GCC philosophy regarding roles and responsibilities that guide a safe and healthy sustainable culture of inquiry
  2. The committee decided NOT to change its name. Instead, to promote the “assessment cycles”, we will refer to the committee as the SLOAC committee rather than simply SLO.
  3. The does not yet have the links to the presentations from the Student Success Conference, so the committee’s “homework” to research other campuses is delayed.
  4. To support the second bullet point of the mission, Alice created an Exploratory Assessment Chart (attached) so that we can begin identifying current assessment practices and student needs addressed with the various projects around campus. The point of the chart is to map out the silos on campus to identify any institutional trends in what faculty are doing to improve student learning. We also discussed the Logic Modeling that PCC has done to see if it could help us visualize silo-ed campus efforts.
  5. Three action items were decided upon:
    a. We need an updated timeline and/or target dates. While the deadline approach hasn’t worked for everyone, some divisions did report that it was useful.

    b. Program SLOs – Alice will attend Academic Affairs to consult with chairs about the most reasonable timelines and strategies for getting them done.

    c. Exploratory Chart – the committee supports collecting this information and various members (Stacy, and?) have volunteered to get this underway.
  6. Informational: The SLO site is under maintenance due to the new GCC webpage
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