Study Book

Based upon recommendations from our school’s academic departments, the Glendale Community College CalWORKs Program recommends GAIN approve weekly unsupervised study hours based on the following formula:  

Credit courses: One hour of unsupervised study time per hour of time in class.



Noncredit ESL courses: For each class, one hour of unsupervised study time per day in class.

Noncredit business courses: For each class, one half hour of unsupervised study time per day in class. 


*Unsupervised Study Time should not be granted by GAIN without stamped written verification from the GCC CalWORKs Program. 

*According to GAIN Policy, unsupervised study time may only be certified for County-Referred participants.  SIPPs may only be granted study time in the case of a federally audited file. 

*There are exceptions to these general recommendations.  Please contact one of our CalWORKs Case Managers for an explanation of any deviation you may observe in paperwork you receive.  Contact information can be found on the CalWORKs Contacts page.   

Last updated: 7/7/2014 11:01:14 AM