SLO Meeting Minutes

March 23, 2010

LB 200, 12 - 1 pm

Present:  Tina Andersen-Wahlberg, Jayne Campbell, Allyn Glanzer, Stacy Jazan, Dora Krannig, Maria Kretzmann, Sarah McLemore, Kathy McNeese, Alice Mecom (Chair), Marianne Nikodem, Peggy Renner, John Rome, Rory Schlueter, Charlotte Schulten, Rosemarie Shamieh, Tim Vale, Kirk Vaughn, Yvette Ybarra


1.  Committee now in By-Laws and will function as a governance committee

2.  Review of new SLO website with the updated SLO Timeline, Program SLO self-help worksheet, and SLOAC Manual

3.  Discussion of appropriate Program SLO reporting form:  the current Program to Core Competency Alignment Grid, the SLO page of Program Review, or the Trend Analysis page of the SLOAC manual

4.  Trainings and Workshops:  SLOAC Manual, March 30 - Alice,  April 27 - Nancy and Susie (Library)

6.  The committee decided to replace Alice's SLO Inventory Chart with Ed's

7. Discussion of the need to be able to indicate/document repeating SLOACs for same course or program, as well as submissions of SLOAC updates

8. eLumen:  The six pilot group members are test-driving the set of instructions that Tina made; Tina involved with PeopleSoft setup to include elumen

9. (MSC) Motion:

Whereas the institution has received a verbal recommendation from the accrediting team to accelerate the implementation of student learning outcomes and assessment cycles on the course, program, and institutional level; and

Whereas the SLO Committee anticipates a written recommendation for increased administrative support for SLOAC implementation, increased opportunity for institutional dialogue on student learning data, increased adjunct involvement, and improved linkage of this data to program planning processes;

Resolved, that the SLO committee recommends that the District allocate time at least once a semester for faculty and staff to produce, input and/or analyze assessment data, dialogue, plan program strategies, or do any other necessary work associated with student learning outcomes. It is further recommended that the college hour be considered for this activity.



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