Cameron Hastings (Political Science)
Discovery Drafts

Kristin Leaf (History)
Video Introduction to Funding for Faculty

Funding for Faculty

How to Create a Double-Entry Journal

I've also used this in a Triple-Entry Journal format such that, in addition to one column for a quotation from the text and a second column for a student's personal take on that quote, a third column is added making room for a paraphrase of the original quote (and/or an "explanation" of the quote in the student's own words).

Michelle Kim (Economics)

Hordes of Free Google Tools

He is a dynamic speaker that has the gift of connecting with the audience
no matter what their background or comfort level with the technology, and
is capable of showing countless exciting ways to incorporate technology
and online resources that are all free and that will surely bring LIFE and
FUN to our routine classrooms!  Just browse through his website a bit and you will know what I am talking about.  I
walked away from the session inspired and exhilarated! =)

Roger Bowerman (History)
Intelligent Design in the Classroom: Practical Advice to promote Student Learning

Sarah McLemore (English)
Writing Across the Curriculum

What are the benefits to students and faculty of using writing in courses outside English? How much difference can instructors trained to teach content-driven courses make to students’ writing anyway? And how can teachers committed to covering a wealth of material in an impossibly limited space of time add writing instruction to their already overloaded syllabi?

Mark Maier (Economics)

The Quantitative Writing link

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