November 1, 2015

December 1, 2015

Prepared by: Cindy Pollack

The following information is a summary of the activities of the task forces under Senate
Jurisdiction this past month:

1. Probation/Dismissal/Reinstatement

Date formed: 3-18-10

Members: VACANT (Chair), John Aque, Cindy Daniels, Christine Kourinian, Denise Leong, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, Roxanne Raffi, Valerie Rhaney.

Mission: The Senate establishes a task force on student services support for
students on probation or returning from dismissal(Motion 2010-06).

Status: This TF is on hiatus until they obtain the extra funding to support the online probation workshop.

2. Student Success

Date Formed: March 15, 2012

Members: Kathy Flynn (Chair), Richard Cortes, Megan Ernst, Denise Ezell, Ed Karpp, Beth Kronbeck, Paul Mayer, Ellen Oppenberg, Greg Perkins, John Queen, Peggy Renner, Rosemarie Shamieh, Ramona Barrio-Sotillo, Andra Verstraete, Andy Young.

Mission: The Senate creates a task force to respond to the Student Success task force
recommendations (Motion 2011-36)

Status: Task force will continue to meet during the fall of 2015. Currently
this TF is re-working a survey after sending out a pilot this past June.

3. Board Policies and Administrative Regulations

Date Formed: April 2, 2015

Members: Daphne Dionisio, Peggy Renner, and Piper Rooney

Mission: The Senate forms a taskforce to review and propose revisions to Board
Policies and Administrative Regulations before consideration by the Senate body
(Motion 2014-26).

Status: This taskforce will continue to meet during the fall of 2015.
4. Senate Scholarships

Date formed: May 21, 2015

Members: Cameron Hastings, John Queen, Peggy Renner, Piper Rooney

Mission: The Senate forms a task force to determine the process for moving the
selection and awarding of Senate scholarships from the fall semester to the spring
semester( Motion 2015-38).

Status: This task force reported back to the senate on November 19, 2015. The task
force will be following up with the DFA Committee and report back to Senate at the
next Senate meeting.

5. Policies relating to Academic Transfer programs

Date Formed: September 17, 2015

Members: Nahal Ghodousi, Kevin Meza, Greg Perkins

Mission: The Senate forms a task force to specify the Senate’s role and responsibility
for establishing policies relating to academic transfer programs ( Motion 2014-01)

Status: This task force will be meeting during the first week of December, 2015.







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