The state requires teachers to spend the equivalent of one week per year  improving their skills and/or their institution.  

Don’t be a victim of poor planning. Fullfill your obligation and submit all required paperwork. You may even enjoy the opportunity to learn something new, meet new people and/or engage in a new activity. Check out the staff development webpage for a list of ongoing workshop opportunities and start collecting your verifications.


Q: What is “FLEX”?

The flex obligation is paid out as part of an academic faculty member’s annual salary. The state pays instructors one additional week per year, outside of teaching. Faculty are expected to use this time to improve their teaching skills, contribute to college governance or participate in activities that will benefit the campus and its students.

For adjunct faculty, ”one week of work” translates to an average # of theirweekly teaching assignments/hours, for both the Fall and Spring semesters (intersession hours don’t apply).

Q: How do I figure out my  total # of hrs. of obligation?

(a) Each 'contract' faculty member, assigned a full workload (with no release time or leave), shall be responsible for 15 FLEX hours-per-semester worked.


(b) Each 'contract' faculty member, assigned less than a full workload (or granted release time, banked time or leave), shall be responsible for a pro-rated amount of 15 FLEX hours-per-semester worked.

(c) Each adjunct faculty member shall be responsible for half the number of hours in their weekly assignment (not including office hours), per semester worked (Winter and Summer sessions exempt).

Q: What kinds of activities fulfill this obligation?

Any work done on behalf of the college or students (outside of teaching time) can be used to fulfill this obligation. FLEX activity cannot overlap with any accountable hours for which the faculty member is regularly compensated.

Examples include; Attendance at department meetings, faculty meetings, conferences, workshops (on or off campus), Working on a committee (except in cases where ancillary activity pay is granted), Representing the college in the community, or Taking college classes to improve one’s skill set (with respect to their specific subject or related area) - such as a second language or CPR.

For more examples of acceptable activities and verification requirements, check out the FLEX Manual, which can be downloaded from the staff development site (referenced above).


Q: Can I get credit for attending department or committee meetings?

Department and committee meetings are required for full-time faculty, and therefore not allowable as FLEX credit.  Only adjuncts can receive credit for their attendance. In case a sign-in sheet or FLEX verification form is not provided at these activities, an adjunct may use the Adjunct Attendance Form  found at:

For more examples of acceptable activities and verification requirements check out the FLEX Manual, which can be downloaded from the staff development site (referenced above).

Q: Do I receive additional hours if I’m a presenter?

Each faculty member who presents a flex workshop on campus can receive three (3) hours of flex credit for each hour of presentation time (view our instructions for presenting an event @ ). Then, contact our staff development officer Roger Bowerman to schedule your presentation.

Q: Can I get credit for anything else?

If an employee has an idea for a skills development project, that falls outside the above parameters, he/she may submit it to the flex committee for approval using the “Individually Planned Activity or Research” form found on the Staff Development page located @


Q: I attended an activity on campus, but didn’t receive a ‘verification of attendence’ form, what should I do?

A:  FLEX sign in sheets and verification forms should be available at every presentation/event here @ G.C.C.). If you did not receive a form, contact the presenter/organizer directly. The Staff Development offices may NOT have recieved the original sign-in sheets or been instructed to print out additional verifications. Once we verify your signature on the corresponding sign-in sheet or have received a request from an Administrator, Division Chair, or the Presenter we would be happy to provide you with a verification.


Q: I attended a conference what materials do I need to submit for verification?

A: To establish conference attendance, a registration receipt with badge #, confirmation letter, or memo from the presenter is acceptable.


Q: I'm not sure where I placed the verification/forms from meetings/activities I attended, what should I do?

A: A record of attendance can be established by locating your signature on the corresponding roster. Archived workshop/activity attendance rosters (for the last 3 years) are stored in the staff development office. 


Q: How do I submit a “complete” flex submission?

A: Complete submissions are comprised of an:

(1) Individual Flex Completion Form

(2)  Teaching Schedule (w/ office hours listed)

(3) ALL coroborating verification of attendance information for activites you’ve listed on the Individual Flex Completion Form

Forms 1 & 2 are available at:

Do NOT simply return ‘verification of attendance’ forms. Formatting must be consistant with the aforementioned guidelines, or your submission will be considered incomplete.


Q: When is my FLEX submission due?

A:  All FLEX Completion Forms are due by May 31st. If specific, pre-planned activities occur within the month of May, faculty are provided with an additional 2 weeks to aquire/obtain those verifications. Keep in mind, this extension is to allow faculty time to procure remaining evidentiary verification NOT to allow for NEW submission packets.  

[In these situations, the adjusted FINAL due date would be the last date of the current academic calendar]

Failure to adhere to these deadlines may result in the docking of some or all of 1 weeks wages.


Q: What happens if my submission is not received by the deadline.

A: If a valid submission is not received by the specified deadline – the District may defer the equivolent of 1 weeks salary.

[1 weeks salary represents the proportion of the obligation for which a faculty member has NOT provided sufficient verification (of qualifying activities)]

Q: What happens if the committee has any problems with my submission?

A: Our goal is to NOT dock anyone. Turn in what you can. Your paycheck will be deducted based on the #/hrs of unmet obligation.

If you submit non-qualifying ‘FLEX’ activites for the required # of hours – the District may also defer the pro-rated ammount of 1 week salary.

[1 weeks salary represents the proportion of the obligation for which a faculty member has NOT provided sufficient verification (of qualifying activities)]

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