The third match of the season was interrupted today due to rain, during the start of the match against Fullerton Community College. After waiting for the courts to dry the Vaqueros went out strong in all matches with breaks on 5 courts. But within 20 minutes of starting the match rain ended all matches on court canceling the match for the day. “It’s tough because right when you think you might be able to get this match out, rain comes back” said Bob Mackay. “What you got to remember is the lines. If they are good you can play but just a little unlucky with the weather today”. The Vaqueros will play again on February 7th against Mt. Sac College at 2pm. “The one thing I liked about today was were all playing good tennis. It may have been short, but I think will be prepared for tomorrow”.
Last updated: 2/10/2014 3:30:37 PM