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  • Careers for CalWORKs places trained and motivated adult GCC CalWORKs students (who are parents) in off-campus jobs at local businesses and organizations.
  • The GCC CalWORKs program funds 75% of the student's $12 per hour wages. The hosting job site contributes only 25% of the wages, or $3 per hour.
  • The initial employment term is one semester (four months) and may be renewed by the employer for a second four-month semester.





  • Careers for CalWORKs is a great opportunity for your company to benefit from motivated, reliable, and GCC-trained workers for only $3 per hour.
  • Short Term = Low-Risk.  The initial term for work assignments is only four months, so Careers for CalWORKs gives your company an easy way to "try before you buy." 
  • Job-Thrive coaching for student workers (provided by GCC) maximizes their success in the workplace.
  • Careers for CalWORKs will make you look great! You will receive public recognition of your association with Glendale Community College and your support of GCC's students.
  • Mix with the cream of the crop.  You will be invited to special networking and educational events just for the business and organizations hosting students.


It will make you FEEL GREAT!

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  • Be part of a life-changing experience for GCC adult students and their children. 
  • You are a leader in your industry and it is rewarding to invest in our community. 
  • Connect with someone who needs a little bit of help.  It will feel good to make a difference in another person's life. 


I'M IN!... What do I do now?

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  • Contact Aarin Edwards, CalWORKs Program Director.  She would love to hear from you and she is happy to answer any questions.   
  • aedwards@glendale.edu
  • (818) 409-5846

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