Developed by the GCC Career Center team, the Career Profiles series is designed to familiarize students with what their prospective careers and programs of study entail. Career Profiles link academic majors to related career options by providing brief summaries of prospective career paths, and an overview of required skills, professional qualifications, sample job titles, and potential employers. The profiles are intended to serve as a quick reference guide rather than an exhaustive source of occupational information. Career exploration is a process; there are no quick answers. A path to a well-informed career decision lies through extensive research. Students, who look ahead, develop an edge over their competition and are better equipped to plan and manage their careers with confidence.

The GCC Career Center is the place where you can investigate in great detail the link between majors and work opportunities, examine occupational descriptions, work settings, and educational requirements, as well as survey current job market statistics along with projected salary trends.

We, in the Career Center, want to encourage you to utilize the opportunity to explore what career options exist in your academic area of specialization by taking advantage of the excellent research and guidance resources available to you.

Index of currently featured Career Profiles

Career Profiles are listed below in alphabetical order by major.

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