Career Summary

The term global economy has been a part of our lexicon for quite some time now. As the world is becoming a single marketplace and the trade barriers and restrictions are gradually eroding, the business community is consistently moving in the direction of truly free trade. Free trade translates into a growing need for more import/export specialists, international managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs, but it also implies tougher competition among prospective candidates in a global job market. When hiring, companies give priority consideration to applicants who possess at least a bachelor’s degree. Individuals who earn advanced degrees are highly valued for their expertise and qualifications. Virtually all management positions require a MBA, PhD, or equivalent post-graduate education along with a professional background in business. In addition to strong technical knowledge and quantitative abilities, a solid educational foundation in any of the functional business specialties, such as international marketing, international economics, investment banking, or finance is most desirable. Awareness of foreign market’s cultural environments, fluency in foreign languages, and experience abroad can provide an edge over competition and enhance job candidates’ hiring prospects. Employment and career advancement options in international trade exist in both the private and public sectors. Although the majority of the international business careers are available in the United States, worldwide travel opportunities abound.

Program Description

The GCC International Business major, an option in the Business Administration Associate in Science program, consists of the Business Administration core curriculum and a cluster of specialized courses. The coursework provides students with knowledge of international trade opportunities, currency exchange, import/export regulations, worldwide financial and business trends, and marketing strategies in a foreign environment with particular emphasis of Pacific Rim, Western European and South American markets. The International Business curriculum is presented in the context of the global economy and multicultural awareness and communications. Students are offered instruction in the real-world process of establishing an import/export business, development of a business plan for a trade activity, business techniques with NAFTA countries, and the contribution of exports to the local, state, and national economies. The program prepares students for entry-level employment in the growing international trade sector, establishing a trading company, or opening a business enterprise overseas. Entrepreneurs or managers of firms with export potential may also benefit from international business and trade studies.

Students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree should meet with an academic and/or transfer counselor to discuss transfer requirements

Key Skills and Characteristics

  • Experience in the world of business and knowledge of the dynamics, concepts, and practices of international trade.
  • Understanding of import/export trade regulatory requirements, foreign exchange, the IMF, trade deficits and world market economies, technical aspects of business start-ups, import/export strategies, marketing techniques, resource allocation and coordination.
  • Familiarity with economic and accounting principles, financial markets, and banking operations.
  • Ability to analyze, report, and apply financial data.
  • Effective communication, negotiation, and presentation skills.
  • Commitment to provide quality customer service.
  • A well-developed sense of cross-cultural awareness and foreign business environments.

Related Career Titles

*Import Agent  *International Marketing Manager  *Freight Forwarding Coordinator  *Wholesale Importer  *Import/Export Clerk  *Director of Import/Export Compliance  *International Trade Service Specialist

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