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Dear EOPS Student, 

We have good news for you! EOPS students have been selected to be the first students in Glendale Community College to pilot the GCC student email system. We in EOPS are looking forward to this new and exciting way of communication. This will allow us to reduce enormous amount of paper mail we send you each semester. As good stewards of our planet, we realize that all of us have a challenging task at hand to do our part in protecting the environment. It is in this spirit that EOPS staff embraces this new way of communication and hopes to increasingly move towards a complete replacement of postal mail with the email communication system. In these very difficult budget times, we felt the urgency to expedite this process.

As you know, we send you information about our office hours, counselor contact deadline reminders, workshop schedules, and important semester deadlines on a regular basis. All this can be easily communicated via email. Eventually, we will use email to send you information about your book vouchers and grant eligibility as well. Once it becomes a college wide practice, you will be receiving emails from other important student services and programs.

At this time, however, EOPS students are the only ones who have been assigned GCC email accounts. The Glendale Community College needs your assistance to test this email system and help us determine if it works properly, so that it could be opened up to all GCC students.

Your objectiveis to test if you are able to: login properly, read emails that we will be sending you, open email attachments and take on-line surveys.

EOPS shor term objective is: to replace conventional mail with email communication.

EOPS long term objective is: to make email communication a part of our formal communication system.

Steps to Activate your GCC student email

To access your new GCC student email account, please follow these 6 steps. The email is Google based and has lot of fun features. We know that once you test drive it you’re going to love it.

Step 1: Log into MyGCC using your student ID and six-digit PIN number. If you have forgotten your PIN, you must go to Admissions & Records Office with photo identification.

Step 2: On your MyGCC front page, open a drop-down menu from the selection box, select “my email” and click Go.

Step 3: On the “my email” page you will be instructed to read and acknowledge the GCC Email Acceptable Use Policy. Once you’ve read the policy, acknowledge your acceptance by clicking the “I Accept” button below the policy.

Step 4: Once you have accepted the policy, your Email Account name and Temporary Password will appear.

Step 5: To log into your new account, click on the “Glendale College Email” link. Enter your email account name (without the@student.glendale.edu) and temporary password.

Step 6: When logged in for the first time, you will be required to change your temporary password. Enter your new password and read and accept the Gmail acceptable use policy.

If you should forget your student email password, after your third login failure, follow these steps to reset it:

Step 1: Log into MyGCC and go to the “my email” page.

Step 2: Click the Reset Password button. This will reset your password to the temporary password that was first assigned to you.

Step 3: When your password has been reset, log into your email account using your temporary password. Once in, you will be required to change your temporary password.

Assistance is available

If you want to learn more about your student email features you may click here to launch the Google Apps email tutorial. For assistance with your GCC student email, click here to go to the Gmail Help Center.

Please note Gmail help is general help for all Gmail users.

Make sure to add the GCC student email to your FAVORITES so you can check your emails frequently. Your comments, suggestions, and recommendations will help us identify the potential problems and improve this communication system to make sure we offer the best email services to our students. If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a counseling appointment, please call us at (818) 240-1000 ext 6900, or stop by the EOPS ANNEX.

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