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FALL 2019: Dance 125 & 126

FALL 2019 

Dance 125, #2901
Tap Dance I
DANCE 125 provides students with practical experience  in  basic  tap  dance  techniques.  Through  discussion  and  movement,  the  course emphasizes the development of coordination,  rhythm,  and  performance  skills.  Students learn tap dance combinations and dances. A brief history of the development of the tap dance medium is included.

Dance 126, #2903
Tap Dance II

DANCE  126  provides  students  with  advanced,  practical  experience  in  tap  dance  techniques.  Through  discussion  and movement, the course emphasizes the development  of  coordination,  rhythm,  and  performance skills. Students learn advanced tap dance combinations and dances.

Tuesday & Thursday: 12:15-1:40 p.m.
1.5 Units

Beginner and Intermediate Combined

Instructor: Richard Kuller

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