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Beginning Yoga (Dance 190) and Dance History (Dance 100) classes are offered this spring! Register now!

Beginning Yoga and Dance History flyer Spring 2020

Schedule self-care right into your weekly schedule with restorative Beginning Yoga (Dance 190)!

Learn what dance tells us about the world we live in with Dance History (Dance 100)!


Beginning Yoga
Ticket #3033 & 3034
Monday & Wednesday
Arianne MacBean

DANCE 190 introduces the student to the principles and techniques of Yoga. The course emphasizes Yoga positions to facilitate stretching and toning muscles, limbering joints, and aiding spinal alignment. The use of Yoga breathing techniques and meditation exercises to revitalize the body and calm the mind is included.

Dance History
Ticket # 2774
Tuesday & Thursday
10:45 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.
Arianne MacBean

DANCE 100 is a survey of dance forms created by western cultures and civilizations. An introduction of the prehistory of dance and development of dance in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome is followed by an investigation of the history of dance in the western world through the Christian era into contemporary times. Elements relating to social dance, ethnic dance, court dance, ballet, modern dance, musical theater dance, jazz, and tap dance are included. Emphasis is placed on integrating the development of dance forms with the geographic, social, political, philosophical, and religious characteristics of these cultures. Note: This course will not fulfill physical education activity requirements.


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