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2016-17 Directory (pdf) [Note: Adjunct faculty contact information is listed on the GCC online directory.]

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ALLAHVERDI, MELINACS 184 Physical Science Division ext. 5268
ALLEN, J.T.LB 217 English Division
ALLEN, MICHAELCS 182 Mathematics Division, Mathematics ext. 5649
ALLEN, RODERICK Business Division, Business Administration
ALLEN, ZEL & REUBENCommunity Services Education
ALLPORT, BRUCE Technology & Aviation Division, Aviation
ALVAREZ, CLAUDIAVG 9 Kinesiology Division, Athletics, Physical Education ext. 5549
ALVILLAR, DIANESR, 2nd FloorInternational Students ext. 5444
AMBA, CONRADSF 100-GResearch, Planning, & Grants ext. 5390
AMBARTSUMYAN, KRISTINESF 110-DFinancial Aid ext. 5437
AMES, TRAVISSR 361 Social Sciences Division, Economics
AMIRIAN, ANNETTEGarfield Campus Noncredit Business & Life Skills Division, Continuing Education
AMIRIAN, ARPIAD 125 Business Division, Student Equity ext. 5127
AMIRIAN, SIROUN Health Sciences Division, Nursing
AN, HANNAH ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
ANDERSEN-O'COLMAIN, CHERYLSG 228 ESL Credit Division ext. 5519
ANDERSEN-WAHLBERG, TINASG 108 Student Services Division, DSPS - CSD (Center for Students with Disabilities) ext. 5488
ANDERSON, ENOCHLB 217 English Division
ANDERSON, REED Business Division, Computer Applications and Business Office Technologies
ANDERSON, SHELLEYCDC-Crickets Social Sciences Division, Child Development ext. 5665
ANDZHU, ARMENUHISR 2ND FLInternational Students ext. 5439
ANOUCHIAN, MARLENGarfield Campus MP 309Computer Labs - Garfield Campus, Continuing Education ext. 5092
ANTONIC, ALEKSANDRAAA 105 Visual & Performing Arts Division, Art History
ANTONYAN, ELLENAD 149Foundation ext. 5201
AQUE, JONNSR 235 Student Services Division, Athletics, Counseling (Academic) ext. 5426
AQUINO, ELIZABETHGarfield Campus TR 200 ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education ext. 4522
ARAMYAN, SUSANNA ESL Noncredit Division, Continuing Education
ARATOONIAN, TALINSF 114 Student Services Division, CalWORKs, Counseling (Academic) ext. 3573
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