Superintendent/President David Viar
Executive Vice President, Administrative Services Anthony Culpepper
Vice President, Instructional Services Michael Ritterbrown
Vice President, Student Services Paul A. Schlossman
Associate Vice President, Human Resources (Interim)
Val Dantzler
Administrative Dean, Continuing and Community Education Alfred Ramirez
Chief Information Systems Officer Calvin Madlock
Chief of Police Gary Montecuollo
Controller Amir Nour
Dean, Instructional Services Agnes Eguaras
Dean, Library and Learning Support Services Eric Hanson
Dean, Research, Planning, & Grants Edward Karpp
Dean, Student Affairs (Interim) Tzoler Oukayan 
Dean, Student Services Robert Hill
Dean, Workforce Development Jan Swinton 
Director, Communications and Community Relations Drew Sugars
Executive Director, College Foundation Lisa H. Brooks
Program Director, Professional Development Center Kim Edelman

Associate Dean, Athletics (Interim)  Chris Cicuto 
Associate Dean, Career Education and Workforce Development (Interim) Federico Saucedo
Associate Dean, Continuing and Community Education Ramona Barrio-Sotillo
Associate Dean, Health Sciences Emelyn Judge
Associate Dean, Student Financial Aid Services Christina Tangalakis
Program Manager, Career Pathways and Strong Workforce Programs Emma Sanchez
Program Manager, Career Services Andra Hoffman Verstraete
Program Manager, Disabled Student Program and Services Tina Andersen-Wahlberg
Program Manager, Extended Opportunity Program and Services (EOPS) Elmira Nazaryan 
Program Manager, Garfield Campus - Evenings  Ali Kobaissi 
Program Manager, Health Services Toni Reyes
Program Manager, International Students  David Nelson 
Program Manager, Professional Development Center (Interim) Ani Keshishian 

Program Manager, Student Equity (Interim)

Yeranui Barsegyan

Admissions and Records Director Michelle Mora
Business Services Director

Susan Courtey

CalWORKs Director    Aarin Edwards
Child Development Center Director     Jeanette Tashiro
Community Services Education Director  Kathy Seifert
Continuing Education Computer Lab Supervisor Mary Stone

Parent Support Center Assistant Director

Teri Ismail
Controller's Office District Accountant     Angineh Baghoomian
Curriculum and Scheduling Manager Nancy Traynor
Facilities Director (Interim) Gary Cinnamon
  Maintenance & Operations Manager(Interim) Patrick Shahnazarian
  Custodial Supervisor Gus Rocha

Grounds Supervisor Charles Easley
Financial Aid Assistant Director Arda Najarian
Food Services     Manager     Vacant
Human Resources Manager Vacant
  Analyst Sara Lupo
Information Technology Services Director of Development &  Implementation of Administrative Information Services (Interim) Linda Welz
  Director of Network, Systems, and Support Services Simon Mirzayan (on leave)
  Director of Network, Systems, and Support Services (Interim) Lawrence Lampietti
  Computer Lab Supervisor Tom Starr
  Senior Database Analyst Vacant
Instructional Services, Accreditation, Program Review Program Manager (Interim) Daphne Dionisio
Library Public Services Manager (Interim)
Richmond Leung
  Student Services Lab Manager Andrew Stires 
  Technical Services Manager Zovig Ayvazian 
Multicultural & Community Engagement Center (MCEC) Manager Hoover Zariani 
Performing Arts Production Manager Ronald "Guido" Girardi
Professional Development Ctr. IT Manager Vacant
Public Information Office Coordinator Wendy Grove
Student Affairs Manager Aida Avanousian
Student Outreach Services Program Manager (Interim)
Meg Chil-Gevorkyan
  Program Coordinator  Vacant
Superintendent/President Executive Assistant to Superintendent/President Debra Kallas
  Administrative Assistant III (Confidential) to Superintendent/President (Interim) Rosa Buford
Title V Coordinator/Program Manager Cathy Durham

Program Manager Vacant
  Program Coordinator Vacant
Biology Keith Conover
Business Mike Scott
English Sarah McLemore
English as a Second Language, Credit Glenn Gardner
English as a Second Language, Noncredit Megan Ernst
Health Sciences Emelyn Judge
Kinesiology Jon Gold
Language Arts Lourdes Girardi
Mathematics Liz Russell
Noncredit Business & Life Skills, Continuing Education Jan Young
Physical Sciences

Sevada Chamras

Social Sciences Michael Dulay
Student Services Troy Davis
Technology & Aviation Scott Rubke
Visual & Performing Arts Peter Green