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Measure GC

Measure G is a $98 million facilities bond measure which was passed on March 5, 2002 to authorize the repair and rehabilitation of deteriorated educational facilities and to add classrooms and instructional support space at Glendale Community College (GCC) and the Adult Community Training Center (ACTC), renamed the Garfield Campus (Garfield).  

Measure GC: At the election conducted on November 8, 2016, the voters approved the issue of up to $325,000,000 of the Glendale Community College District's general obligation bonds. These funds will enable the District to continue to upgrade educational facilities, add classrooms and instructional support space at the main campus (GCC), Garfield and the Professional Development Center (PDC) in Montrose. 

Bond Oversight Committee: State law requires the establishment of an Independent Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, appointed by the Board of Trustees. If you are interested in serving on the Measure GC Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee, please complete the application form.

A summary of the Amended and Restated Bylaws of the Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee is below: 

The Committee purposes are:

  • To actively monitor all projects and expenditures approved by Measure GC.
  • To provide proper oversight and accountability to ensure that Measure GC funds are used as they were intended.
  • To report to members of the community on the progress of Measure GC projects.

Duties of the Committee include:

  • Ensuring that Measure GC funds are spent only on projects listed in the Measure GC Project List and that no funds are used for salaries or general college operating expenses.
  • Monitoring the progress of Measure GC projects.
  • Receiving and reviewing copies of the annual performance and financial audits of Measure GC projects as required by California state law (Proposition 39).
  • Providing information to the public on the progress of Measure GC projects and expenditures of bond funds.

All funds from Measure GC will go directly to Glendale Community College District for specific projects.