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About College Police

The police department operates 365 days a year. The police department is staffed by officers, dispatchers, and cadets. The department is an authorized terminal user of all local, regional, state and federal criminal justice information systems (e.g., wanted persons, DMV, stolen vehicles/property, criminal records, etc.).

Our goal is to provide timely and appropriate responses to community problems and needs. Police officers of the Glendale Community College Police Department are armed, duly sworn peace officers of the State of California . Empowered by section 830.32 of the California Penal Code, officers possess the same authority, and adhere to the same state-mandated standards, as municipal police officers. Therefore, under California law, the officers authority extends to any place in the State for the purpose of performing their primary duty or when making an arrest pursuant to Penal Code section 836, however, we concentrate our efforts on the campus and its immediate environment. Our department enjoys a positive and close working relationship with the City of Glendale Police Department, with whom we share proximity, mutual interests, and geographic jurisdiction.

GCCPD officers may work in uniform or plain-clothes. They provide a full range of police related services, including: primary emergency responses; preventative patrols; initial investigation of observed, reported, or suspected crimes; enforcement of all applicable laws; follow-up and specialized criminal investigations; crime prevention; community liaison and relations; VIP/dignitary protection; special event security; traffic activities (enforcement and accident investigations); parking enforcement; and, campus escorts of students, faculty, or staff.

Persons arrested by the GCCPD officers are processed in accordance with prevailing practices in Los Angeles County, which can include: Citation and release; booking into the City of Glendale Police Jail; filing of charges with, and prosecution through, the District Attorney's Office; and formal trial. Additionally, GCC affiliates (student, faculty, staff) may be subject to additional (Administrative/Code of Conduct) sanctions.

The GCC Police Department also employs Police Records/Dispatch Specialists who provide valuable support services including but not limited to; handling emergency phone calls, providing police communication, providing customer and counter service, and maintaining police records and parking information. Dispatchers also work closely with campus officials on the annual AQMD report. Similarly, Police Cadets assist with parking, traffic, and student/employee escort services. Campus police cadets are students who also assist with observing and reporting suspected criminal activity.