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Crime Prevention

It is well recognized that the prevention of crime provides the best measure of protection. Therefore, the GCCPD operates as a pro-active crime prevention team that works closely with the members of the community to make GCC a safer place to work and learn.

Glendale crime stoppers, Call 507-STOP, Remain AnonymousThe Department provides and/or collaborates in presentations on topics such as personal safety, vehicle and residential security, office and equipment security, and sexual assault prevention. Brochures and literature on crime prevention and personal safety are available the department's office in Sierra Madre 153.

In order to increase the level of crime awareness and campus safety at GCC, incidents of criminal activity within the campus community are publicized in many ways:

Distribution of the GCCPD Annual Report and Crime Statistics; maintenance of an ongoing Daily Crime Log; dissemination of Community Crime Alert Bulletins.

In the last few years, GCC has experienced growth in the programs that target safety and security. For example, lighting has been improved at many locations around the campus (e.g., parking lots). It is anticipated that as the population of GCC increases, so will the personnel, support services, and programs designated for safety and security on the campus. With a daily population of about 6,000 students, faculty, staff, and visitors, GCC is comparable to a small city. There are no walls surrounding GCC, which means that there is open access to the campus.

The sharing of information through Community Crime Alerts and newsletters helps to create a better-informed citizen. However, like all other communities, members must take an active role in ensuring their own safety and security by exercising common sense. Part of this responsibility is to stay informed; lock vehicles and offices; and report the presence of unknown or suspicious persons to the GCCPD. You must do your part to prevent victimization. GCC is like your home neighborhood; crime prevention, personal safety, and property security are jointly held responsibilities of the police and the community.