GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.

Evacuation - Buildings

 Evacuation Screenshot 

Before an emergency occurs, determine the nearest exit to your location, alternate exits, and designated evacuation area for the building (see evacuation area tab). Building evacuation routes are posted in every building. You must evacuate the building if an alarm sounds, or when told to evacuate by emergency response personnel even if no alarm sounds. Refer to the “Evacuation Floor Plan” for the building and floor you are on.

• Do not panic, remain calm.

• Stop all activities and retrieve personal belongings if safe to do so. Secure business belongings if safe to do so.

• Immediately exit the building. Do not re-enter or enter a building when an alarm is sounding.

• Evacuate via nearest exit. WALK, DO NOT RUN.

• Use stairs, do not use elevators.

• Assist people with access and functional needs to evacuate.

• Last one out close the door behind you.

• Proceed to designated evacuation area. Do not congregate at the building entrances or exits.

• Do not return to the building until told to do so by emergency personnel even if the alarms have silenced.

• Campus closures may be ordered by the Superintendent/President or his/her designee. If the campus is ordered to be closed, all persons except for emergency response personnel must exit the campus.

• If evacuating to a location off campus all persons will be directed where to evacuate and assemble.