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Evacuation - Persons with Functional/Access Needs

 Evacuation Screenshot

Before an emergency occurs, persons who may need assistance during an evacuation are encouraged to let others know how to best assist them. Those wishing to assist persons with functional and access needs should ALWAYS ask how they can help BEFORE attempting any rescue or assistance.

Assisting individuals who are non-ambulatory:

• Those unable to self-evacuate should move towards and wait at stairwell platforms for assistance. Emergency personnel will search these areas first.

• If you notice someone in need at the stairwell, notify first responders immediately after exiting the building.

• Emergency personnel will coordinate further evacuation as appropriate.

• Help clear the exit route of debris so the floor is clear for persons using canes, crutches, or walkers. Be sure the person takes crutches, canes, walkers, or other mobility devices with them during an evacuation.

Assisting individuals who are visually impaired:

• Guide the person by offering them your arm for guidance, or let them place their hand on your shoulder. Walk one step ahead of them and advise of any obstacles in their pathway. When in a safe location, orient them to where they are.

Assisting individuals who are deaf/hearing impaired:

• Get their attention by flashing room lights or waving your arms. Write on board or paper the nature of emergency, and instruct to evacuate.

Evacuation Chair Training Video: