GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.


If you are experiencing symptoms, call your primary care physician or urgent care facility first. For the latest COVID-19 information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health or call 211 (24/7).


Shelter-in-Place - VIDEO



Depending upon the type of emergencies that may occur, such as an armed intruder, active shooter, violent crime, extreme weather conditions, or toxic pollutant in the air due to a chemical leak, it is generally safer to stay indoors to avoid exposure to that threat. You may also be directed via campus notification to shelter-in-place. If told to shelter-in-place, follow these guidelines:

For active shooter(s) or armed intruder(s) situations:

• Locate a room you can lock and/or barricade with heavy furniture.

• Turn off lights, cover door windows, close window blinds if possible or safe to do so. Move away from doors and windows.

• Stay low to the ground and hide behind heavy furniture. Do not restrict your options for movement.

• You may also separate into groups if there are multiple people with you.

• Remain quiet. Silence cell phones.

• Remain calm and wait for official campus notification updates.

• If law enforcement comes to your location, request identification to be slid under the door or call 9-1-1 to verify their identity.

For extreme weather conditions or outdoor hazardous material releases:

• If you are inside, and the building you are in has not been damaged or exposed, stay where you are. If you are outdoors, proceed to the nearest safe building and seek shelter.

• Locate a room to shelter inside. If there is a large group of people inside a particular building, several rooms may be necessary. The room should be:

-An interior room

-Above ground level; and

-Without windows or with the least amount of windows possible.

• Close doors and lock windows (tight seal).

• Turn off air conditioning/heating systems (if possible). Close vents to ventilation systems (if possible). Place clothing, backpacks, etc. in door seams.

• Remain calm. Wait for official campus notification updates.