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Marketing and Public Information Office services and social media guidelines

The Office of Communications and Community Relations provides a wide variety of services to the campus community such as:

Designing - If you need assistance designing a flyer, program or any other type of publication, we can help!

Photography - If you need a photo of the campus or of someone in your department, please send your request to to make arrangements.

For your design and photography needs please make an appointment by contacting Ann Simon at

Style Guide - If you would like to design the material for your event, please consult the Style Guide. View the full version of the GCC Style Guide 

Services provided by the Public Information Coordinator:

Includes your event and program information on:

  • GCC electronic sign (Mountain St. and Verdugo Rd.)
  • Campus screens (the Marketing/PIO office can design your image or you may submit a jpeg file to  
  • GCC facebook (currently more than 20,000 likes and 19,557 followers) 
  • GCC twitter (currently 3,330 followers)
  • SnapChat messaging and photos from your event as appropriate
  • Weekly Bulletin and Monthly Event Calendar (Submit items that are open to students no later than Thursday by 12 p.m. for bulletin, two weeks before beginning of the month for public events calendar.)
  • Monthly News Press column

Writes and sends news releases for events and programs to:
Traditional media
Event/calendar blogs and websites

Submits college news to:

Community College Chancellor’s Office and college organization publications as appropriate 

Proofreads and edits publications and web pages

Consults on marketing, publicity and media relations

For social media guidelines see below

Maintains news archive

Social Media Guidelines

As an institution of higher learning, Glendale Community College participates in the free and open exchange of ideas. Glendale Community College supports the various platforms of social networking – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. – as valuable tools for engaging students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends and supporters in a constructive two-way dialogue about the District and its mission.

The long-term success of any social media community depends on a shared philosophy of how to behave. Members of the Glendale College community should become familiar with Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, the Twitter Help Center’s policies, YouTube’s Policy and Safety Hub policies and similar support sites for social media.

The guidelines for engaging in GCC social media platforms are as follows:

  • Be respectful of the rights and opinions of others.
  • Stay on topic. GCC social media sites are established as forums for the open discussion of matters related to Glendale Community College.
  • Hateful speech, personal attacks, "flaming," profanity, vulgarity, pornography, nudity and abusive language are prohibited.
  • Keep personal information (e.g. your phone number and address) out of your posts.
  • Think before you write/post: Almost everything you write or post to a social media site – words, pictures, video – is public. If you post anything on any GCC site, you consent that it can be published and waive any expectation of privacy regarding the post. What you choose to add to the conversation today will live on long after the conversation has ended.

GCC encourages the college community to post comments and “like" articles, photos and videos.

The college is not responsible for unanswered posts or inaccurate information posted by others.
On GCC’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms, a respectful online environment for the broader community is encouraged. GCC page administrators review posts and comments regularly to ensure any issues or concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

The college reserves the right to remove from GCC social media sites any of the following: 

  • Comments, links, images or videos that are illegal or encourage illegal activity, or are obscene, defamatory/libelous/slanderous, sexually harassing or explicit in nature, or pose risks to the health or safety of individuals;
  • Comments that personally attack or threaten any person;
  • For students, anything that would violate District policies regarding student conduct
    Student Conduct Policy
  • Off-topic posts by one or more individuals or groups; 
  • Repetitive posts copied and pasted or duplicated by one or more individuals or groups;
  • Solicitations or advertisements; and
  • Any materials that infringe upon the intellectual property or other rights of any third party.

The Glendale College logo is only to be used as a profile photo on official GCC social media sites.

College departmental sites do not represent GCC as a whole, but do reflect on the college. Departmental sites must be professional and must adhere to state and federal laws and regulations related to the security and privacy of information (e.g. FERPA and HIPAA), as well as to college privacy policies. Confidential information must not be posted.

The use of the GCC logo or brand elements to promote products, causes, or political candidates on personal sites is prohibited. To use the logo or brand elements on a personal social media site, please submit a request to the Office of Communications and Community Relations.

If you have a concern about any posted content, or about any content that has been removed by a site administrator, please email