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Style Guide - Fonts & Colors

Fonts and Colors
In addition to the logo, we use specific fonts and colors as visual markers.

We have a variety of fonts to choose from when creating a publication.

For titles or any words that will be highlighted, please use a member of the Meta family.

Font 01

For the body of the publication or any part that will be text heavy, please use Adobe Garamond or Frutiger.

Font 02
Font 03

The official colors of Glendale College are cardinal and gold, but to add variety we have a palette to pick from:


When applying the colors to the logo, only change the color of the box and not the arch nor the text. Change the text color only if you have removed the box from the logo.

If you are creating a publication that resembles stationery, please use the following color:

If you would like to change the logo to a color above and cannot, please contact the Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Information at ext. 5350 and one will be emailed to you.