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Style Guide - GCC Program

In our efforts to maintain a unified brand we are asking that you use the following as a guide when designing a program. As always, the Office of Communications, Marketing & Public Information is available to assist you in creating material for your event. If you would like help or have any questions, please contact Ann Simon at ext. 5350 or If you would like to create your own program a Microsoft Word template is available.

Please remember to include the following on all programs:
  1. The Glendale Community College logo must be on the front cover of your program. Please refer to the style guide for proper logo usage. Various versions of the logo may be found here.
  2. Use a high-resolution photo of the college or of an image related to the event. Do not use clip art.
  3. Use only the colors available in our color palette. For help picking out the equivalent CMYK values contact Ann Simon at ext. 5350 or
  4. The title/type of event should go below the image in the center of the front cover. The following is an example of potential program titles: Glendale Community College's Event Name.
  5. Indicate the date, time and location of the event. If your event has a sponsor, list the sponsor(s) under the location.
  6. When listing the program, the Welcome by the Administration and Welcome by the Board of Trustees are first to be listed. Refer to the sample below for a visual of the program listing.
  7. On the back cover of the program, below any special acknowledgements, include the name of the Superintendent/President and below that the names of the Board of Trustees.
    • If the program you are creating is date specific, list the names and titles of the Board of Trustees. The correct spelling, title and order of Board members can be found here.
    • If your program can be used the following calendar year, list the names of the Board of Trustees in alphabetical order.
  8. On the bottom of the back cover the Glendale Community College address, telephone number and web address should be listed.

Before the program is sent to print, please send it to the appropriate Vice President for review and approval.

GCC Program 01

GCC Program 02