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Style Guide - Logo


The purpose of the logo is to provide a visual marker for identification on all publications, both internally and to the public. Because of the unique nature of the GCC logo please remember the following when placing it on a page.

Logo Usage & Application
When applying the GCC logo to a publication please consider the following:

1. The top of the logo must anchor it to either the edge of the page or to a line.
Good Logo 01
2. There must always be white space left around the logo so that it will stand out. To determine the amount of white space to be left around the logo, measure half the width of the logo.
Good Logo 02

Unacceptable Logo Usage
The following are examples of what must not be done to the identity:

1. The Arch must never appear without the Logotype.
Bad Logo 04
2. Do not change the typeface or size used in the Logotype or change its relationship to the Arch.
Bad Logo 05

3. Do not adjust the Logotype to fit on a single line or on two lines.
Bad Logo 01

4. Do not alter the artwork in any way.
Bad Logo 02
Bad Logo 03

Deciding Which Logo to Use
For most publications and projects, the use of the square logo is recommended, but for projects that require embroidery or risk the words Glendale Community College disappearing, the arch + logotype is recommended.

Department Name
If you would like to add your department to the logo, please contact the Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Information for placement.

Department Logo
As we are trying to maintain a consistent and recognizable image, please do not use department logos.

Computer-Ready Art
If you would like a high-resolution file of the logo, contact the Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Information at ext. 5350 and it will be sent to you. Do not use any art from the website as it will be low-resolution and not suitable for printing.



The tagline “How Do You GCC?” was developed to provoke a response from the audience. It asks the individual to think about their relationship with the college. This applies to students, members of the faculty and staff, community members and anyone that has interaction with Glendale Community College.

There are a couple of ways that you can apply the tagline.

1. If you are writing a piece - story, article, interview - you can simply ask or end the story with “How Do You GCC?” or ask the interviewee how they GCC.

2. If you are sending out a postcard or a mailer and want to illustrate the message, there is a PDF of the tagline in its graphic form available here or through the Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Information.

How Do You GCC

Board of Trustees

Any type of publication that is being sent out in mass quantities to members of the community must list the names of the Board of Trustees. For publications that will have longevity, please list the names in alphabetical order as they are on the official Glendale College letterhead. And for items that are time sensitive, please list the name of the Board of Trustees member with their official title. Please refer to the website for titles and proper spelling.