GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.


If you are experiencing symptoms, call your primary care physician or urgent care facility first. For the latest COVID-19 information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health or call 211 (24/7).


Style Guide - Stock Images

Stock Images

If you are planning to place images of the college in your publication and do not have any high-resolution, print-ready images to use, please contact the Office of Communications, Marketing and Public Information. We have a variety of photos to choose from. If we do not have a photo you are looking for, let us know and we can arrange a photo shoot (allow some time for a photo shoot).

Do not use photos from the website as they are not high-resolution and will result in a pixelated image when printed.

Also, please try not to use clip-art as it detracts from the branding effort. 


Note: If you plan to use photos on your GCC publications or on the college website, a GCC photo release agreement is required. Authorization for Use of Photo form (pdf).