Rakel Habashian
Rakel Habashian

Together, we succeed.

Rakel Habashian

As the story of her life played out on video in front of hundreds of people at Glendale College’s 90th anniversary celebration last October, Rakel Habashian became another reminder of what makes Glendale College so special. Images of a young family struggling to find their way in war torn Syria until, with no other choice, they immigrated to the United States and Glendale.
The images on the screen left many people shaking their heads, possibly dabbing their eyes with tissues as the emotional scenes unfolded before them.

Fast forwarding ahead five years, all three of the Habashian children are in school with Rakel’s older sister and mother all attending GCC after starting at Garfield Campus and taking the beginning steps to learning a new language and building a new life.

As for Rakel, she seems to be the most immersed in the GCC experience, sometimes being on campus from 7 am to 10 pm at night and never wanting to leave because she loves being at school so much. She thrives in her campus job of being a student ambassador working in the Welcome Center and helping students find their way, just like others helped her.

There is one more happy ending to celebrate as she has been accepted to her dream school, Pepperdine. But she is not getting too excited until the big package arrives in the mail which spells out all the details.

She can only hope her that new dream school can mean as much to her as Glendale College has.

Click this link to watch Rakel's Journey.