GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.


Contact Person: Brett Miketta

GCC Resources for Teaching CS/IS

  • Standardized CS/IS 101 Projects - All CS/IS 101 students are assigned these 4 projects

Other Online Resources for Teaching CS/IS

  • Git - Open Source project version control system
  • GitHub - Collaboration, code review, and code management for projects
  • JS Bin - A place to enter, edit, and test your JavaScript code
  • JS Hint - JavaScript tool to help detect typos and language gotchas
  • Lucidchart - Online DFD Tool to draw and share your DFD's
  • SCRATCH - Learn to code with a cool graphic tool
  • SketchUp - 3D modeling software for people who shape the physical world

Professional Organizations for Teaching CS/IS

  • KHAN Academy - Computer science practice excercises and instructional videos
  • edX - Online courses in computer science from the world's best universities
  • MIT App Inventor - Step-by-step tutorials show how to build all kinds of apps
  • Codeacademy - Introduction tutorials for JavaScript and PHP
  • LearnStreet - Introduction tutorials for JavaScript, Ruby, and Python

Links For Students to Learn About CS/IS

Sources of Information for Use in Teaching CS/IS [Data Sources, Bibliographies, Readings]