GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.


Contact Person: Mark Maier

GCC Resources for Teaching Economics

  • The Tax Game - An online simulation in which students design an ideal tax system and receive feedback about tax incidence and Gini coefficient.
  • Macropolicy simulation - An online simulation in which students use fiscal and monetary policy to steer the economy. Available on three levels: fiscal policy only; fiscal and monetary policy; fiscal and monetary policy with shocks.

Other Online Resources for Teaching Economics

  • Aplia - Commercially available tutorials in economics.
  • Econ Ed - A publisher website with teaching ideas.

Professional Organizations for Teaching Economists

  • American Economic Association - The main organization of US economists. Also the publisher of several journals, including the Journal of Economic Perspectives, available at no cost online. Annual conference under auspices of Allied Social Science Association.

Links for Students to Learn About Economics

Sources of Information for Use in Teaching Economics

  • Economists View - Daily Blog summarizing online posts related to macroeconomics