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If you are experiencing symptoms, call your primary care physician or urgent care facility first. For the latest COVID-19 information from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health or call 211 (24/7).


Office Hours, FLEX, & Exam Proctoring

Office Hours

  • Adjunct Faculty are required to hold paid office hours. You are paid for your office hours from the first day of classes through the final day of the semester. The number of weekly office hours you are responsible for is equal to 5 times the percentage of full-time load that you are teaching.

For example, if you are teaching 9 units in a division that has a full-time load of 15 units, you would be required to hold 9/15 * 5 = 3 office hours.

  • You may hold your office hours in the office on the ground floor of the San Gabriel Building where there is a pod of adjunct faculty desks; please contact Instructional Services (ext. 5904) to schedule your hours. Your division may also have an adjunct office available for you to use – ask. And, finally, if you would like to meet students elsewhere on campus, for example, at the coffee kiosk, or online, that is absolutely fine, as long as it is listed on your syllabus, communicated to your division chair, and as long as you can consistently be found in that location.

Flex Obligation

  • GCC adjunct faculty are paid to engage in professional development each year. This has the perhaps confusing moniker of “Flex Obligation.” The reason that it is an obligation is that you are expected and required to engage in this professional development, and you are pre-paid to do it. (Or, in actual terms, you are paid for a longer semester than you actually teach … the extra time is “flex” time … time for you to develop your teaching – for pay).
  • Because you are pre-paid for Flex, it is very important that you actually do it, record it, and get your “Flex Form” in every spring (May). You have the entire year to fulfill your flex obligation. The number of flex hours you owe each year is the average of the number of weekly hours you have taught in Fall and Spring. For example, if you taught 5 hours/week in Fall and 9 hours/week in Spring, your total flex obligation for the year would be (5 + 9) / 2 = 7 hrs.
  • There are numerous events on campus that fulfill your flex obligation including attending lectures and workshops, “FIGs” (Faculty Inquiry Group), attending your division meetings, attending Guild (faculty labor union) meetings, and much more.
  • You are probably wondering how to find out about these staff development activities, and how to turn in your Flex form. Remember, this is not due until May each year, so please settle in first – there will be many opportunities to engage in staff development for flex credit and for those last-minute folks, opportunities abound in April! The staff development page has detailed answers to all of these questions, and you will also see emails and signs around campus for incredibly cool activities with words such as “Flex Credit Offered.” Feel free to start attending, as they appeal to you, and collect a form when you’re there (if you don’t see one, you are very welcome to ask the presenter). Keep these safe, so you may turn them in annually. Click here for more info.


  • Make up exams can be arranged through the Assessment Center at SF112 (ext. 5869). Please note that you need to notify the Assessment Center 2 days in advance of the exam date; furthermore, the student in question will also have to schedule an appointment with the Center. For more details go to the Assessment Center website.