C & I Committee Mission and Constitution

Composition:  The Curriculum & Instruction committee shall consist of a faculty co-chair appointed by the Senate and an administrative co-chair appointed by the Vice President, Instructional Services.  The voting membership of the C & I Committee consists of its co-chairs, a faculty member from each division, the Articulation Officer, a faculty librarian and a student representative.  Voting members of C & I from each academic division are appointed by their division for a term of three years which may be renewed.  Instructional Deans serve as resources only.  Other resource members also include a representative from the catalog, the Dean of Research, Planning, and Grants or his designee, and the SLO committee chair/committee designee to attend meetings on an as-needed basis.

Mission:  The Curriculum & Instruction committee is a senate committee.  The Curriculum & Instruction committee's charge is to recommend actions upon all curricular matters and to ensure the integrity of the institutions educational programs.  Specifially, the Committee reviews and recommends:

1.  All new and revised courses proposed by divisions

2.  All new hours and units for credit courses

3.  New and revised Associate Degrees

4.  New and revised certificates

5.  Prerequisites, corequisites, recommended preparations

6.  Course repetition, credit by exam, credit/no credit. 

7.  Associate Degree, degree/non-degree, applicable and/or transferable coursework

8.  Courses appropriate for specific Associate Degree requirements, CSU breadth requirements, and  IGETC requirements

9.  All curriculum changes for the catalog

10. All course and program deletions for the catalog and the dictionary; and it ensures that proposed new and revised courses are in the approved format and in compliance with community college standards and regulations