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GCC CURRICULUM related links
Administrative Regulations and Board Policies Pertaining to Curriculum
Student Learning Outcomes
Academic Senate
Academic Affairs Committee  
Curriculum Management System
WebCMS is Web Application that helps colleges automate their curriculum proposal/approval process
Finding the Latest Version of a Course Textbook  

GCC ARTICULATION WEB LINK Glendale Community College Articulation Resources for Faculty
GE-IGETC and CSU GE Provides information about IGETC and CSU GE requirements
ASSIST ASSIST is the state-wide online student-transfer information system

California Community Colleges Curriculum Website Provides state-wide academic senate information on campus curriculum development
California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office Website Provides information regarding state-wide policies and actions by the Chancellor's Office
California Community College Curriculum Inventory Provides information regarding the inventory of state-wide curricular offerings such as degrees
Chancellor’s Office Certification Training for Stand-Alone Credit Course Approval According to Chancellor's Office policies, all voting members of curriculum committees must receive this training
Transfer Model Curriculum (Associate in Arts and Associate in Science for Transfer) degree requirements Provides state-wide information about finalized AA-T and AS-T degrees
California Community Colleges Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID) Provides state-wide information about finalized course descriptors for AA-T and AS-T degrees
Program and Course Approval Handbook (PCAH) (pdf) The PCAH is the handbook developed by the Chancellor's Office to facilitate credit and non-credit curriculum development
Title 5 A detailed explanation of the California’s laws for community colleges stemming from the California Education Code
The California Education Code
 Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Resource Papers on Curriculum

- Implementing Content Review for Communication and Computation Prerequisites

- Student Success: The Case for Establishing Prerequisites through Content Review

- Good Practices for Course Approval Processes

- Curriculum Committee: Role, Structure, Duties and Standards of Good Practice