GCC responds to the Coronavirus Outbreak. GCC has moved to remote online instruction.


Thank you for your interest in supporting our students through scholarships. Alumni scholarships are some of our most prestigious because they are awarded by people who understand and have lived with the value of a GCC education. There are several ways you can fund a scholarship:

1. For a one-time or annual scholarship you can donate any amount to be distributed to a student. The average scholarships are generally between $250 and $500. Many are $1,000 but whatever amount you decide to donate will be useful to a student in the year in which you donate the funds.

2. You can also contribute any amount to an already existing general scholarship fund.

3. For a minimum of $10,000 (which may be paid over three years and increased at any time) a permanent Endowed Fund can be established in your name, or a name you designate.

Current cost of attendance at GCC:

$   657.......will pay tuition and fees for one full-time student (12 credit hours) for one semester

$1,314.......will pay tuition and fees for one full-time student for two semesters

$3,060.......will pay tuition, fees and books for one full-time student for two semesters (books costs may vary)

Please contact Lisa Brooks at (818) 551-5196 about investing in future GCC alumni.